KISS founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley rip Peter Criss and Ace Frehley

Apr 2011
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Legendary KISS founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have collaborated on the memoir ‘Nothin’ To Lose,’ an oral history of their rock band’s genesis. “It’s an overview of the band,” explained Stanley. “How it came about from its inception, almost from the time the sperm fertilized the egg really.” Indeed. FOX411 spoke to both Stanley and Simmons about the book, their football plans, and what went wrong with original KISS members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley.

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I new that there was a lot of tension between Gene/Paul and Peter/Ace because of the drug use. I think it could be interesting to read more about it.

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Aug 2012
"The Greatest Band in the World!"

I have always loved KISS.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have shown what two moderate musicians/writers/singers can do, if they think outside the box, and put on a SHOW! (Trust me: One HELL of a show!)

Plus, they come out on stage, they bring an ENTERTAINER'S Energy that is off the charts. I have seen the band, numerous times, and, without fail, Gene and Paul go all out. And, it always comes off as if they are having the time of theirl lives. Stanley will bring the crowd into the act at every opportunity, and always glows on the fans, telling you how much he loves you!

That goes a long way for showmen.

Ace, was a fantastic guitar player, but...from the begginning, he was the problem child. Not so much not getting along with the band, but, his substance abuse. From what I have read, he was the 'roughest' of the band, with a pretty tough upbringing, and, was already prone to drugs and alchohol.

Peter Criss was always the "Fourth Kiss member." He pretty much got the job, because he needed it, could play drums, and, was willing to wear makeup (LOL, one of Gene and Paul's primary requirements!). That said, Criss was a JAZZ drummer, who really wasn't all that in to the Rock scene. Still...they should have put him out more on vocals, as the song he sang is their biggest hit (and, slowest song...)

My only complaint about Gene Simmons (One of my heroes, by the way...), is that he did not try to do more in film, past that one movie ("Runaway," I think...). The movie was not all that good, but, Gene made one hell of a villain.....