Leaker of Bezos Sexts Identified As Trump/Stone Pal, Brother of Accuser Lauren Sanchez

Jul 2016
Boy. Can it get any dirtier than this and is there any doubt left the mafia-esque cabal that surrounds Trump is deplorable?

Brother of Jeff Bezos' girlfriend questioned in leaked texts probe

But a source close to Bezos' private investigators tells CBS News they have conducted multiple interviews with Michael Sanchez, the brother of Bezos' girlfriend. They say Sanchez, a Trump supporter, discussed the matter with Roger Stone and Carter Page, two of Mr. Trump's staunchest defenders.

Contacted by CBS News, a person close to Michael Sanchez dismissed allegations of his involvement as "sloppy leaks and crazy conservative conspiracy theories."

CBS News law enforcement analyst Paul Viollis thinks someone Lauren Sanchez confided in was the likely leaker. "If I was conducting the investigation, I would be starting it with Miss Sanchez," he said. "The highest probability of risk here, where this leak came from, would be Sanchez – whether it was her brother, whether it was a friend, whether it was anybody."

In emails released by Bezos last week, Enquirer officials purportedly claim to have "a naked selfie" and other lewd images of Bezos. They offered not to publish the pictures if the Amazon CEO dropped his investigation. "I hope common sense can prevail – and quickly," one email said.

Elkan Abramowitz denied the explicit photos were part of blackmail plot. On ABC' "This Week" yesterday he said, "It was part of a legitimate negotiation. Each side had something that they wanted."

Abramowitz says the tabloid wanted Bezos to stop falsely claiming its coverage of his affair was politically motivated.
Jul 2015

According to Daily Beast reporter Lachlan Markay

“He does, yes. He formally represented Carter Page and Scottie Nell Hughes and Roger Stone confirmed to us that the two of them are friends.
And in fact, we know from additional documentation in prior reporting that Michael Sanchez and Roger Stone were in touch about this story very

shortly after it ran in the National Enquirer.”

PS Scottie Hughes (I had to look Hughes up, I had no idea who she was) is a reporter with...Wait for it...

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