Left wing terrorists target Toronto Chick-fil-A

Nov 2018
Let’s be fair. I bet you have stopped spending there. I certainly have.

That is a lot different than protesting though.
No, a Chic-fil-A just opened in my city and it's always busy and I visit them frequently. Great sandwiches.
Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
The Chick-fil-A's around here are always crazy busy.

These hate groups do not affect Chick-fil-A's business in anyway.

Hell most of these nutjobs "protesting" probably eat there as well.
Jul 2011
Memphis, Tn.
A Chick-fil-A in Toronto is the latest target of activists who are triggered by the fast food chain’s existence.

These people are terrorists, regardless of what they may think they are trying to accomplish

Imagine being this mad about a piece of chicken between two pieces of bread?

There is nothing I enjoy more about a die-in protest video than seeing people ignoring them and just walking right through. It’s Chick-fil-A. People are going to find a way to get it, even if they have to step over hippies.

Oh, I see. I was going to offer my thoughts and prayers for the dead and wounded when I saw the term "terrorists target...." but obviously what you meant to say was "peaceful protest."
You people are SUCH Drama Queens.

Never mind....