Leftist Call Tijuana Residents "Racist" for Speaking Out Against Invaders

Feb 2018
Hmm I did a quick search for how often you use of that word.. Search results for query: invaders
Turns out you have that in common with the Australian terrorist.. you both love to use the word 'invaders' and 'invasion'.
So? Once again here we have a liberal attempting to shut down debate by dictating words they deem unacceptable. THIS is how the left tries to control the rhetoric these days.
Jan 2007
I mean like this guy, Dylann Roof and Robert Bowers. The last three white nationalists to enter places of worship and go on a killing spree. Do you want to defend them and try to spin them into being liberals?
Domestic killers is an entirely different subject from mexico sending millions into our country. We have our problems , we don't need mexico adding to it. Apparently leftests don't mind being Latin America's safety valve. Yes Americans die because of them. To a lib...so what.

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