Leftist Refer to Christian Victims in Sri Lanka as "Easter Worshippers"

Oct 2014
Do people not realize that calling them "easter worshippers" that is a different comment from christians / catholics... that is calling them pagan worshippers.

I also noticed how the calls for prayer this time more took the form of "lets pray for the muslims who might be victimized by catholics in retribution"...


Council Hall
Dec 2007
Pennsylvania, USA
That DOES NOT make it grammatically correct.

And, in context to the tweets in the OP, it was intentionally disrespectful and it was NOT a coincidence that so many Leftist used this barely used term all on the same day.
Two of the four examples I cited were from previous years. Are you saying that the Associated Press, the BBC, the Guardian, and the Jewish Telegraphic agency were also being "deliberately disrespectful?"

Face it; the expression is common. This is from last year.

Tell you what ... pick any year out of the last 20, and I'll find examples with that sort of syntax.