LMFAO Poor Georgia...

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Jul 2011
World Rugby apologized to Georgia for playing a Russian song following their 33-7 World Cup win over Uruguay on Sunday after their coach and captain brought up the issue during the post-match news conference.

"I want to take this moment to ask the person who played the Russian music, next time don't make the mistake again please," skipper Jaba Bregvadze told reporters following their Pool D victory in Kumagaya.

Coach Milton Haig explained that his team had not taken too kindly to the error by the organizers.

"They were playing a song after the match, it was a Russian song — sung by a Georgian singer but a Russian song. We want to make it clear Russia is not Georgia and Georgia is not Russia," the 55-year-old said.

"We have a different language, different culture, different everything so to World Rugby, make sure to get this ironed out for us please."

A World Rugby spokesperson said that the governing body was sorry for any embarrassment caused to Georgia.

"Sincere apologies to our friends from Georgia for any embarrassment caused. We have discussed the matter with the organizing committee to ensure no such issues occur moving forward," the organizers said in a statement on Monday.

Georgia next take on Fiji in Osaka on Thursday.

Highlights of the game:

Ok, first, I love how Haig, who is from fucking New Zealand talks about Georgia and Georgian culture/language as "we" and "our" LMFAO

But, anyway, the song apparently was this, "What do you want from me" by Valery Meladze
Meladze is a famous crooner, ethnic Georgian, born there, in Georgia, but moved to Ukraine and then Russia as a kid, and grew up there, and sings mostly in Russian; his brother Konstantin Meladze is an equally renowned composer over there, who had written many songs for his own bro and for many other prominent singers

The brothers are powerful showbiz moguls in the part of the world today, they have launched the careers of many now big name artists, such as Russian-Ukrainian pop star Vera Brezhneva, who is also now married to Konstantin, at left in white dress/fur in above pic lol

Valery Meladze is certainly very proud of his Caucasian, Georgian heritage, one does see him posting selfies in traditional costume online, on holidays and such haha

Back in 2014, Meladze was one of very few big figures in Russian show business, who took a neutral position on Ukraine and refused to sign a letter (by many Russian celebrities) endorsing the annexation of Crimea. He openly stated in an interview that Russians and Ukrainians are brother peoples and he will not support a fratricidal conflict between them. His career did suffer for it, for awhile, as various local and regional authorities wouldn't permit his concerts; and other big artists wouldn;t associate with him; but he made a big comeback, after things blew over. Thus proving, really, that if you have real talent and dedication, there is no need to bend over to demagogues, stick hard to your guns, stand up for your beliefs, and you will come out on top, in the end :)

Really, the Georgians (and the New Zealander haha) are being dumb here. Meladze is someone they have every damn right to be PROUD of, if you ask me...