LOL!!! Greenpeace Founder Call Out AOC's Hypocrisy & Calls Her A “Pompous Little Twit”

Jan 2019
Tempe, AZ
She’s lost a former Greenpeace fanatic, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s path to saving the planet just got a little harder. Granted, Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace left the group 15 years ago but the sick burn he issued to the freshman congresswoman was a bit of an entertaining distraction, adding a fresh layer to the political policy debate. “Pompous little twit” is now my favorite response to know-it-all Millennials.

Not that the Green New Deal presented by AOC and her staff was a serious policy paper about climate change. It was a hot mess of a manifesto, pages of utter nonsense only to be taken seriously by Democrat presidential candidates and other Democrats in office afraid to cross the aggressive young legislator. Moore’s not having it, though.

Now 72 years old, Moore walked away from Greenpeace after a take-over by eco-fascists, as he calls the environmental wackos. He also calls out AOC’s hypocrisy.

Greenpeace drop-out to AOC: You're a "pompous little twit"

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