Long line forming hours before Trump’s ‘Keep America Great’ rally in Manchester, NH

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Jul 2011
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There is one major difference. Obama supporters did not go to hear hate spewed, they came for unity. Trump gives his base exactly what they want to hear… Hatred , vulgarities and childish insults.

Disagree I heard they went for free cell phones.


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Jan 2008
I'm sure there are some, but no, not significant enough to matter, it's irrelevant, there are not 1000 people if I had to guess following him around like this.

Obama had a similar following, but it trailed off... Trump seems to have staying power.
Hate speech will always draw more crowds than calm intellectual speech.
Mob rule ends on 11/3. ("Mob" in all senses of the word.)
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What is the number of attendees at an event that makes the turnout impressive and a sign of something versus insignificant and worthy of being dismissed? Is there any middle ground between those two interpretations?