Looks like Trump just confirmed Q

Oct 2014
can everyone here lay off of McFly a bit ?
Yes, this is all some crackpot crazy bullshit.. but that's what his conspiracy forum is for.

And the one thing he believes in, is something I can fully buiy in to :

That Trump is permanently working with a group of crazy people, usually with the intellect of some 3 or 4th graders.
He has proven this to the world every day since Mid 2015 at least.
Haha... No need to be that nice. When people make it personal it's a big sign that there's no real argument.

Anyway, I will note that among the inside jokes are the days where MSM writes the same articles published across 20-30 different sources on the same day all talking about Q, and then adding "all for a LARP".

Gets me thinking of the Avenetti episode within the posts. Avenetti took it serious.