Looks like Trump just confirmed Q

Oct 2014
I am sorry, but this is the craziest tripe I have ever read. I think these guys are just another kook group like Antifa, all of the skin head groups, etc. Q would be friends of Trump, no doubt. :)
Yes, it's crazy... But, as was noted in the OP, Trump just acknowledged Q in 2 significant ways.

Actually, Q is a team of 10-12 NSA or higher who are working with Trump.

There's quite the list of factors that are proofs that this is not a larp, the intent is to circumvent the media.
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Oct 2014
He's a parody account. I've been shifting back and forth on this.

Then he posted an image of Donald Trump in a golden suit of armor with angelic wings and I just lol'd.
Ok, that one was just good art... If i remember right, you returned with him as a fat ass.

But no, I recognize how crazy it all sounds, but doesn't change that it's real.


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The main paragraphs are a near verbatim of an early post from Q.

Now, Trump points to the Q sign, deliberately, mentions "boom boom boom boom" (a sequence that has been used to highlight issues; one of the 4 booms started with North Korea agreeing to meet and ending with the schedule for denuclearization talks)

I think it's a sign that they are soon going to kick it into second gear.
So I was right...comedy.


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Dec 2013

There's the video out there too, but all the current clips I can find are 30min or longer...

But does the point at the Q sign, mentioning the booms (not explosive, but big events)

All for a LARP, right?
So what does this prove, aside from your troubling gullibility?
Oct 2014
“I have a theory”


“It’s a bit out there”

“No worries. I’m open minded. Let’s hear it”.

“Ok. Donald Trump is working with a group...”


“.... and keeping it secret”

“Hell nope”.
He had kept it secret... Unless you were following Q posts where they would frequently reference that Trump was going to post X minutes later, and then he posts, often with misspellings that create a double meaning.

It's happened enough times that it would be mathematically impossible to be coincidence.