Maddow driven to tears tonight.

Aug 2016
I was watching her, and her voice changed a little bit, then I could see clearly that she was crying.

This was no act folks.

Her message tonight:
We can not ourselves become complacent while there is blatant government corruption.
The stuff that is going on right now, is not normal. Every where we look there is another over the top, scandalous act by this ridiculous group.

Russia has already won, but knocking us down a few pegs. We can't let it get worse.
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Former Staff
Nov 2014
She knows the obama jig is up.. thanks to her network and Evelyn Farkas, we are soon to learn who the WE are in her statement that committed felonies.

obama built a house of cards, and Evelyn Farkas just sneezed.
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Jun 2011
God Bless Texas
Her reporting is over emotional all of the time. IDK how anyone can stand to listen to her. Ever.
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