Maine governor signs bill allowing non doctors to perform abortions

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Nurse practitioners are very capable of doing the procedure in the first trimester. midwives help deliver babies and that’s much more complicated
Yes and my state has had this law for a bit now. The problems we have seen are malpractice. Something goes unexpectedly wrong and the patient is far more likely to sue if its not a doctor. Courts like it too. Same has happened with midwives. Liability/malpractice has skyrocketed to the point where many have to practice in hospitals just in case.
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Feb 2010
That window of viability opens more and more as technology advances.
Really? I'm thinking it's still at about 24 weeks. But what of it? The majority of liberals (and the majority of the country) supports the standard of Roe v Wade. That's the standard, not some eccentric standard that has been adopted in some places.
Mar 2015
Mad Prophet
Don’t be fooled, Democrats want back alley abortions as well. The more the better.
Well....actually, no....they want LEGAL abortion. Conservatives want to make it illegal (some of them, not all of them) which is tantamount to a paradigm shift from safe legal abortion to dangerous illegal ones all in the name of goodness and niceness.

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