Major depression on the rise

Jan 2016
Yes, there are happy numbers, unhappy numbers, fortunate numbers, lucky numbers, weird numbers, perfect numbers, hyper-perfect numbers, quasi-perfect numbers, vampire numbers, and many many other kinds of interesting numbers.

But, see, that's it. I claim that EVERY number is 'interesting'. There is no 'uninteresting number'. For suppose there was. Suppose there was some set of 'uninteresting numbers'. ONE of those numbers would have to be the smallest such number, in the sense of being closest to zero. But THAT would automatically make it interesting! So you would have to remove it from the set of 'uninteresting numbers'. But then there would be some OTHER 'uninteresting number' that would be closest to zero; you would also have to remove that one. And so on, until every last one was eliminated. Ergo, there is no such thing as an 'uninteresting' or 'boring number'.
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