Make Your Democrat Primary Prediction

Who will win the Democrat Primary?

  • Cory Booker

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  • Pete Buttigieg

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  • Julian Castro

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  • John Delaney

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  • Tulsi Gabbard

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  • Kirsten Gillibrand

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  • Mike Gravel

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  • John Hickelooper

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Future Staff
Jan 2008
Most Insidious
Cory Booker would be a perfect fit for you. He thinks he's an actor (claiming he's Spartacus, he opposes Trump and he laughs a lot at his own jokes)
Way too early for me to decide. I know it seems unfamiliar to you but I don't like other people to make my decisions for me. You're much better at that sheep behavior. You've perfected it.
Mar 2019
Portland, OR
Now's your chance.

Go on the record and choose the one you think will win in the Primary.
Bernie will most likely win. Biden is leading the pack, but democrats are very weary of voting for the safe establishment candidate and want a candidate fighting for progressive causes. Elizabeth Warren is a less likable Bernie and is done for. Harris, Buttigieg, O'Rourke, and Booker are low-experience and kind of bland but might have some chance of winning. The key for non-Bernie candidates is to emulate Bernie's likability and progressive passion while being more practical and fact-based.

But keep in mind that I thought Rubio was going to win the 2016 nomination. What do I know?
Mar 2019
Biden will start but drop out early due to "health issues".

Bernie would be a sure thing, in that (like Trump) he says what he believes, and believes what he says, Many of the rest of these candidates do not say what they think...they say what they think you want them to say. unfortunately he admitted that he thinks the boston bomber should be able to vote. the only blessing here is that the moderator did not ask him if he worships Satan.

Whatever the case, it will ultimately be Pete Buttigieg who wins. Plus, being gay will give him 5 extra identity politics points. If you disagree with anything he says , it means you're homophobic (get it?).
I was willing to listen to him. Till he visited Sharpton. That killed that.
Mar 2019
Oh you mean like what happened to some of the GOP candidates in 2016?


I call already tell you who won't make it

To bad. Ryan is the only Dem I kinda like.
Apr 2010
Kamala Harris most likely

Biden and Beto the other top possibilities.

Harris will lay relatively low while the dude tear each other apart. In the end, she will pick up more of the Obama coalition that will lead her to victory. When other prominent progressives, like Castro and Booker drop out, they will jump on her campaign.