"Malicious Captain Kangaroo"


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Dec 2010
I think what really gets me is if they had ANY LEG TO STAND ON WHATSOEVER, they wouldn't have to cheat. They wouldn't have to lie. They wouldn't have to play dirty every fucking day - and then stand there and claim to be "Children of God."

And honest-to-fuck believe their lives, their living testament, are something we should all attempt to emulate.

The Man

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Jul 2011
True, they filmed many of the scenes in my city (Brisbane) closing down the CBD in the process.
My niece liked this Australian show as a young girl, years ago:
I baby sat her and her siblings plenty back then, sis and bro in law were always away working or, in sister's case, studying in college to get a Canadian diploma for a better job, etc. So, I spent lots of time with the kids (who weren't that much younger than me, actually... Me and sister have a 20 year age differnce, long story haha)
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