Man On Social Security

Mar 2019
Americans are forced to pay into Social Security.

If I had a choice, I never would have paid into it.

Thread is garbage
Apr 2012
Its funny because she likely has had Medicare for almost 30 years. Yet she says dont take it away. lol
I hate to say this, but I run into many just like her every day.

I am also appalled at the number of people who do not know there is a complete listing of Medicare Advantape programs listed right in the back of the Medicare book, that makes it simple to understand. Deductables and everything else. Different areas have different plans.

Many do not know you have to pay monthly for Medicare, either. They have no idea it only pays 80%.

Worst part is they do not try to understand, just spout whatever they hear on the news.usually Fox.

I have even had one so called expert recommend I go to another company ,it would only cost me $300 a month. I checked the Medicare book wrong. I would lose Silver Sneakers, pay a much higher deductible. when you are hospitalized. I also found out you can negotiate that deductible.:) i know friends who did just that.

Implants, now the Hearing Aid Industry is changing drastically next year. Audiologists, who use the profit to keep fancy offices and staff. $2000 of the $3000 cost goes to the Audiologist and the company go between for the Insurance company. They are running scared at how things will change next year.
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