Man planned to burn down apartment building to 'kill Jews,' police say

Jul 2017
Flame Baiting
These idiots are already on ADL's heat map.

Man planned to burn down apartment building to 'kill Jews,' police say
MIAMI BEACH, Florida (Fox 32 News) - A 72-year-old Florida man who allegedy had Neo-Nazi material in his apartment is under arrest, accused of plotting to kill his Jewish neighbors.
Walter Stolper, 72, is charged with attempted murder and attempted arson after Miami Beach Police asid he dumped several gasoline-filled containers down a trash chute.
Stolper allegedly had two additional gasoline containers in his possession.
Police said that they located a storage room linked to Stolper within the same building that contained 28 additional containers with gasoline, sulfur powder, and potassium nitrate.
The police said that Stolper had told a witness that he was going to "burn down the building with all the f---ing Jews," the Miami Herald reported.
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Flame Baiting
It appears it may be just be more trolling from the idiot-crat.
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Trump's about as pro-Israel as you can get.
Did you see the billboards they showed from Israel with Bibi and Trump both on them for the elections? Trump is hugely popular there. Bibi wants him to help him win.

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C'mon... "Rumor?" Something tells me that this Nazi-sympathizer didn't go much for Obama.

I believe that, it was a runor, but at the same time a lot of national socialists are leftish in certain beliefs so who knows