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Feb 2010
Well, the Republicans made a huge stink about Obama's "folly in Iraq" as you call it, but Trump is doing this with plenty of knowledge (if he chose to listen) about what would happen if we allowed Turkey to go ahead with this incursion and on this issue, I don't think there's any tolerance left not to mention the info that's coming out about Ukraine, Biden aside, it doesn't mean Trump gets to do what he has been doing. And now he's blaming Rick Perry? I predict Perry will tell everything he knows and quickly.

What Trump has done is worn his political allies out with demands, abuse, humiliation and inconsistency. I think they are just done with the guy.

I really think in the end, the one thing he did well, which was be a prick to anyone who he felt like being a prick to, is what's going to take him down.

I was once married to an violent, abusive alcoholic. I put up with it for longer than I should have, but when I was done I was done. I think this is where the Republicans are at. He treats his friends like shit, not just his enemies and I think everyone sees, finally, that the emperor has no clothes. He demands loyalty but doesn't respect it. The best his defenders get is tacit approval on occasion and he's even turning on Fox News!

My worry at this point is what he's going to do when he realizes no one is going to fall on their sword for him. I hope people in the administration don't let him do anything drastic.
Remember when we thought Saddam Hussein had WMD because Saddam Hussein thought he had WMD? And that was because his minions were so afraid of him and he was so unreasonable that they lied to him, consistently, about the state of his arsenal? Could be one day it will just be Trump and Steven Miller, starring as Saddam Hussein and Bagdad Bob in "Shock and Awe, the Sequel."
May 2019
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This bullshit move he pulled on the Kurds probably gave Republicans the reason they've been looking for to break ranks. His ignorance and careless cruelty is going to cause mass misery, tens of thousands of refugees and cause problems in the region for decades to come. Everyone sees this except Trump who not only doesn't show any remorse, but claims because they didn't help us in Normandy they deserve it.

I expect the military will begin to turn on him as well. He's a fucking idiot and not capable of leadership. His trolling and constant rage tweeting is more than take.

All along I've heard "Quit making this about his personality", but we've reached the point where everyone can see clearly that his personality has overshadowed the business of the country and he can't stop being an asshole long enough to give a shit about anybody but himself and feeding his ego. Even Republicans are seeing this now.
Here, here!
Jul 2013
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Given your fanboy affinity for autocratic nationalism, you're probably tickled pink about Trump's impeachable action with Turkey and Syria.

Ukraine is an impeachable situation, but Turkey is even more:
1) It's strategically stupid
2) It's already killed innocent people
3) Why are we being nice to dictators at the expense of freedom fighters?
4) Does Trump have business interests in Turkey? (Rhetorical question)
5) It was unilateral and autocratic
6) The motivation seemed to be either spite or deflection from impeachment already in progress
Bonus points for "fanboy affinity" and "autocratic nationalism"...
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Apr 2012
You dodged. Sad, but expected. So, since you failed to agree people "shouldn't praise liars, adulterers, bullies and other scumbags" it must mean you do as long as they belong to the correct party.
No I read it and that is who it seemed to be talking about to me