Mark Sanford Announces 2020 GOP Primary Run Against Trump

Jul 2014
Good point. Republicans would never vote for an adulterer. Neither party has ever elected a president who had been divorced -- except Reagan.

Oh, and Trump.
Sanford knows he has no chance.

Just wants to be able to say "former presidential candidate" on his resume/FB page/gravestone...etc, I guess.

Like many of the rest of them...
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Jan 2008
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Wonder if he plans to campaign from the Appalachian Trail?
That's the interesting part of this whole thing. Prior to the Appalachian Trail episode, Sanford was considered an up and comer. Someone who would have a shot at the White House one day. Then he self-destructed and became on the outs with the Family Values Party. But now, with the election of Trump, all bets are off. Trump proved that all kinds of disgusting scumbag actions can be tolerated by the once pious hypocrites. Personally, I don't think he's got a shot at moving the needle, especially among the most die hard elements of #TrumpCult. But the fact that he thinks he does after all that has happened is pretty amazing.