Maroon 5 frontman hints Superbowl show will be hip-hop kneeling fest

Jul 2016
I was specific, and it is simply that you cannot understand a simple post. Now read this carefully: in your OP you made judgments which I quoted, and I asked how you arrived at these conclusions (owing to the fact that they do not appear to be related to the story you're complaining about). It's quite simple and I don't how to make it any easier for you to understand. Do I need crayons?

In addition, for the umpteenth time, I'm not a liberal (when will you get that through your skull)? I actually vote for the conservative party in my country more often than not and your knee jerk insults are just banal owing to this (you're not alone, for it is common on this site for people to act without thinking). The truth of the matter is that I find trying to explain the simplest concepts to you rather tedious, and I truly can't be bothered any longer, as experience tells me that it will go on page after page and you will still be none the wiser. That is why I told you to forget it ~ I can't be bothered with you and your abysmal comprehension.

Obviously, your education is quite limited, and as a result you are incapable of serious discussion or reason and all you do is hurl infantile insults (as you just proved).

Did I just waste my time again?
Any attempt at conversation with him is a waste of time.

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