Marvin Gaye: "Inner City Blues" as an antidote to MSNBC coverage of the election.

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deja vu all over again. They just can't quit Trump. During a segment about "The Contenders" on MSNBC the host decided to play clips from a Trump rally. He then, presented a check list narrative about what Trump's key talking points were during the primary. He's going after AOC, he's calling Democrats socialist, he's claiming they want "open borders"...the bottom line is he's lying about what the positions of the Democrats are. But, this host presented his checklist and then said that all the Democrat candidates will have to respond to Trump's claims. Ok..full disclosure. At this point I yelled back at the flat screen "are you going to report it when they do"? LMAO.

No they don't have to respond to Trump at all. The host is the one that decided to cover Trump's lies. Those in network media just can't help themselves. They want to be the ones that control the narrative. They want to be the ones that draw the battle lines. They want to be the "King Makers". Worst of all they're doing the same thing they did in the last election. Propping Trump up and giving him a free forum to peddle his lies. The Dems aren't running against Trump right now. It's their primary. And it's up to each individual candidate to decide what their narrative is going to be. Where does this host get off declaring the candidates "are going to need to each respond to" what he says they should?



Ahhh...that's better.
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