Maureen Dowd's Brother Explains Why He Supports Trump

Feb 2018
At least this family can discuss politics without a meltdown. There are democrats in my family (one a federal judge) that absolutely refuse to even say "hi" to the conservatives in the family.

Over the last three years, Maureen has frequently sent me reader emails demanding to know how I can still support Donald Trump. My short answer is always the same: Have you looked at the alternative?

The liberals still sneer at religious conservatives. I wouldn’t let them come with me to the Knights of Columbus bar.

In August, the Democratic National Committee passed a resolution saying “religiously unaffiliated Americans” are the largest “religious group” in the party and “overwhelmingly” share Democrats’ values.

The mainstream media and Democrats have tried to valorise the bureaucrats as patriots, but if these people were that conflicted, they should have quit
And certain House chairmen are waiving the words “So help me God” from swearings-in. God help me.

I support the president for his economy, his jobless rate and the record numbers of the stock market that his deregulation fuelled. I applaud his unconditional support of police at a time when I worry we’re returning to a 1960s-style “police are pigs” mindset. (Michael Bloomberg should stop apologising for reducing violent crime in New York City. )

I feel safe in my bed with the way the president is handling Iran and North Korea. Most of all, I support him for saving the supreme court from Hillary Clinton.
Jun 2019
A red welfare state
Apparently Maureen Dowd's brother is an idiot. I can think of a handful of broken promises just off the top of my head.

1. The wall (I thought that one would be a deal breaker for his followers)

2. A better healthcare alternative

3. Coal jobs

4. Manufacturing jobs

5. The debt

6. tRump said he would not cut his own taxes and that he would be paying more

7. He said he would release his taxes

8. His trade war has not produced positive results and has indeed cost tax payers $$$

9. The federal deficit will expand by approx $800 billion over the next 10 years

10. We were supposed to be "winning" international respect, (LOL's) instead President Clown Shoes is the laughingstock

Manufacturing is in its 4 month of recession and is expected to get worse.

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