Maxine Waters doesn't know the government took over student loans.

May 2012
By the wall
I mean really, you need to watch this idiot woman get her ass handed to her, it is so hilarious and she is so god awful stupid.

She is sitting here trying to accuse banks of not helping with the student loan crisis when they aren't even involved with it anymore, and she is the chairwoman of this committee for god's sake.



Mar 2019
Just when you think she cannot look a bigger fool she goes and surprises you.
She doesn't even live in her district ,has a 4 million dollar house ,and incites riots. Where did she get the MONEY to buy that house?
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Jun 2014
United States
I'm not the one doing the talking, you should watch the video.

She is asking the heads of the major banks what they are going to do about student loans when they are not even involved in them?

You don't think that is something she should know?

You don't have any student loans, do you?