Maybe it’s because Trump is a white supremacist.

Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
Actually, being a racist is "bad enough". But now I am expected to believe that he is a "White Supremacist". Again.. if this sounds ridiculous it does because it is.
Trump is not a white supremacist, he is too morally empty to be a white supremacist. He is an empty suit, a mindless trust bunny drone that lives for one thing and one thing only, to feed his narcissism. If pandering to white supremacists at his rally gets him cheers, that is what he will do, nothing more to it than that.
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Jul 2019
blah blah blah racist! blah blah blah white supremacists! blah blah blah....

it's almost like the despicable left's Russian Collusion witch hunt (aka: "insurance policy", aka: treasonous attempt at a coup) failed


oh, lookie here: Trump Slams NYT After Leaker Reveals Pivot From ‘Russiagate’ To ‘Racism Witch Hunt’

and the mindless parrots dutifully...well, parrot.
Trump is just lashing out again about the economy and racism.

Trump lashes out at perceived enemies as economic warnings signal looming recession
Jul 2011
As Barack Obama's detractors always said of him, he's not truly African American. He's biracial. From your link.

Kara Young, who is biracial ...

So you are saying she wasn’t black enough but far more black than anyone you dated. ;)

Then there is jr, whos married to a boricua... for white nationalists they sure do suck at it.
Jul 2011
We already know you are siding with the White Supremacists.

What a nasty thing to say to someone. Maybe you can answer, If you were a white nationalist, how could you support a guy who's dated outside his race, half the family is orthodox jews and campaigns for the release of some rapper?

Trump, like biden has the old man archie bunker syndrome, a card carrying white nationalist? he'd be the worst example given the diversity in his family is more than yours.
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