Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the hottest thing in politics. Can it last?

Jul 2011
This is never know. Anything is possible. I do think we are dealing with another breed of cat these days tho which is extremism. 20 years ago, any candidate would know better than to propose reparations for example. All this is, pandering for votes obviously. Everyone knows that will never happen because there is no money for it and we are trillions in debt. Our infrastructure is crumbling, we have a immigration issue at the border where it involves thousands of people in which we don't have money for and we have millions who are not covered for healthcare. We barely are able to keep Medicare are we going to spend millions or billions on reparations?

Furthermore, making people who had nothing to do with a wrong pay for that wrong, to people who themselves were not personally wronged, is well wrong.


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Dec 2010
I changed my sig file because Pete is right. Time to focus on what matters. And what matters is not the psycho in the WH.
Jan 2016
The mere fact that a gay married man can be considered as a leading candidate by either party is astounding. The arc of society is moving left so fast the right needs a rocket to keep up. Whoever is the candidate should think long and hard about making him the VP. I can see him becoming POTUS before he turns 50 but doubt very much if he will win in 2020. We should all be proud that we are ridding ourselves of this prejudice. Now we can work on the fear of female leadership and atheism. We are becoming more free folks and our kids will make us even more free when we finally give it up.
It's still very early, but right now my favorite ticket for the Democrats is this: Amy Klobuchar/Pete Buttigieg. Yes, tongue-twisting last names, but I think that would be a winning ticket for the Dems, and might even win in an electoral landslide. For one thing, Trump would simply be unable to paint Amy Klobuchar as being some wild-eyed socialist out to turn America into Venezuela. For crying out loud, she looks like Betty Crocker! Two candidates from the heartland on the ticket could sweep back the Rust Belt, the old industrial heartland, for the Dems, that Hillary Clinton lost in the last election, while still winning the coasts, leaving Trump with only the Bible Belt states of the Old Confederacy, plus a few of the uber-conservative Rocky Mountain states.

Posters saying Americans are not ready to elect a gay candidate should be reminded that Coloradoans overwhelmingly elected Jared Polis as their new Governor last November. Jared Polis the first gay governor in America.
Jan 2016
So far he comes across as a relatively moderate level headed guy. Hope he makes it to the debates, which i suspect will happen unless he steps on a political landmine.

Reality is that his last name isn't helping his candidacy. (Also like Hickenlooper who has a similarly problematic name issue.)
I think Hickenlooper's candidacy is almost dead in the water after some of his missteps:

(1) That awful and awkward story about taking his mother to see 'Deep Throat'. Yikes. No matter how many times he tries to explain it, the Republicans would make it sound simply horrible.

(2) The unwillingness to describe himself as a 'capitalist', when that's exactly what he was, and a very successful one at that.

(3) The lame joke about asking women candidates if they would be willing to choose a male as their running mate. Backfired on him.

(4) Some questions have come up lately about his support for fracking in Colorado that will be difficult for him to answer.

I don't think he can recover. His colleague and fellow Colorado Democrat, Senator Michael Bennett, may still be thinking about getting into the race. He might have a much better chance, actually, than Hickenlooper.
Jan 2016
This isn't about Trump.

You sound obsessed.

The reality is .... the Democrat Party will not allow this person to gain the nomination and Main Street America will not vote for an openly married gay man for President.

Not going to happen.
Main Street Colorado voted for an openly gay man for Governor. So there is that.

Maybe Coloradoans are more 'advanced' than Texans.

I rather suspect that we are.
Jan 2016
Says the person who is making a thread about Mayor Pete in to a bash Trump fest.

Sure .....

But, is it necessary to hi-jack this thread to do that?

Main Street Americans will find electing a gay married man embarrassing.
Gotta tell you, there were MANY Main Street Americans who found electing a man who talked about 'grabbing pussies' mighty embarrassing. Nothing we could do about it, though. He's still there.
Jan 2018
Houston, TX
Life imitates art as in "La Cage aux Folles?" Yea, flyover country is going to vote for this, lol.
Although, I admit out of all the candidates (20 or 21 now?), he would be my first choice if I was crazy enough to ever vote for a Democrat again.
May 2013
Boise, ID
After is possible. So far, he is not on Twitter spewing hate and bullshit, he is a Vet, intelligent, well educated, etc. If the most vulgar man in the World can win...Pete has a good chance, unless the voters have turned into disgusting vulgar assholes. Time will tell.
Well said, I'm pretty sure that folks are exhausted at this point by the vulgar asshole they elected.
May 2013
Boise, ID
Why not? Most people are not bigots and don't care that he is gay.

He's smart, a vet and reminds me somewhat of Obama when he talks. He's captivating
Pete's a guy who wouldn't utterly exhaust Americans after two years .. possibly even after eight. How appropriate would it be to replace a vulgar, criminal, and divisive racist with a genuinely nice guy?

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