Mayor Pete jumps 13 points in new Iowa poll!

Jan 2007
Anyone have any ideas of his actual policies?
  • Create a commission to propose reparations policies for Black Americans and close the racial wealth gap
  • Pass the Equality Act;
  • Implement a Green New Deal with all available tools including a carbon tax-
  • Pass comprehensive immigration reform
  • Raise the minimum wage to $15
  • Increase federal resources for countering domestic terrorism and white supremacist violence
  • Introduce automatic voter registration
  • Democracy means that U.S. citizens from Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico deserve political representation.
  • A national popular vote to replace the Electoral College
  • restructure the Court so that ten members are confirmed in the normal political fashion, with the other five promoted from the lower courts by unanimous agreement of the other ten.

Talk about a power grab for the democrats.
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May 2007
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He's also very gimmicky, The whole "I ran into people who needed to be married, so I gay married them" tweet. Like they could do that without an appointment. Or the fight he tried to pick with pence, to his cushy role in the military (you can see he does not know how to hold a gun, well not a carbine anyway)...
SMFH! I think Pete know more about guns than you do, he actually served.
Jul 2011
SMFH! I think Pete know more about guns than you do, he actually served.

You are free to come see my dd214 anytime.

When and where did you serve, troll?

See unlike you, when you threatened me yet again with a gun, you gave me a fake address, you have mine, coward.
Jan 2007
Most voters can't follow actual policy. It's far too complicated. Further, being specific on policy gives tons of fodder to think tanks and the economists/policy analysts they employ to launch a specific counter-attack as to why that policy idea won't work. Almost every election there's a fair amount of mystery as to exactly what either candidate will actually do or pass.

Pete seems like the kind of guy who could easily bore everyone to sleep talking about policy nuances if he wanted to, but seems to know better than to do that if he's running for election to a high office, where zingers and personality and popularity matter 100,000x more than actual policy specifics and technicalities, all of which could and will get bastardized in committee before anything would come to pass anyway.

So far it seems Pete's major play is 1) his sexuality, i.e. he could become a symbol of progressivity the way Obama's dark skin was, and 2) to present an extremely opposite personality and interpersonal style as Trump. Moderate, calm, intellectual.

Being a homoswxual will win plenty of diversity points and it is stylish now days. When he starts showing off his husband then we will know, he's playing that card.

His policies are classic hard progressive just like many of the other candidates. He needs something special to play to stand out.
Jan 2007
Sad that people don't care about "policy", because of that is what government is all about.

And his website is full of policy ideas if people just hit the button

One example

Under Consumer Protections

  • Overhaul the Federal Arbitration Act that stacks the deck against consumers and workers
When your credit card company rips you off, you should have the right to a day in court with a good lawyer, full rights, and public transparency. In most cases, though, the company probably forced you to sign away that right. As consumers, we should always have the right to a fair process and strong protections that keep companies honest in the first place.
  • Pass strict regulations on predatory lenders
  • Strengthen antitrust standards
  • Protect your rights over your own data
  • Revive the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s enforcement authority
  • Fight big data discrimination

I am very impressed by him. He is Rhodes Scholar and knows his stuff. And agree with your moderate, calm, intellectual.

Hopefully, by the time Iowa rolls around, people WILL be interested in specific topics. I know health care is pretty high on most people's list.
He wants a power grab for the democrat party. Congressional power grab as well as a Court grab. He's dangerous.
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