Mdern era NHL pre-season traditions


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Aug 2006
I've got a rules question. Picture this...

Break away.

As the center shoots the puck he's slashed and goes down.

Ref raises his arm indicating a penalty.

Center kicks the puck into the net.

Upon review, the refs decide it was a blatant kick and disallows the goal.

Is the penalty shot still awarded?
Jun 2006
So I have $745 invested in a hockey game, and they fucked up by not charging me more. My wife can leave if she wants, I make all the money anyway, if she did, I'd prefer she took the kids so I can get more ice time, seriously, I don't even want the kids on weekends. It's not that I don't love them, I just don't love them as much as NHL 11.
Permission to e-mail that as a motivational quote to everyone I know?

I would assume the penalty shot still happens. The penalty shot follows the stoppage of play and the false goal is just a normal stoppage of play.

But I don't really know this... I'm just thinking it through.