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Sep 2007
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Hello all. I've been meaning to check in for some time and before I got around to it we got our own locally brewn political drama here. I thought some of you might find it giggle-worthy.

It's no secret that Czech President Milos Zeman is not a fan of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka.

But what happened on Thursday surpassed anything that had happened between them in the past and shocked the country.

Sobotka arrived at Prague Castle, the seat of the presidency, on Thursday for consultations with the president following his decision to resign with his government over the business dealings of his finance minister. Sobotka had announced earlier in the day that he would formally submit his resignation later in the month.

But on arrival, Sobotka was told to make a statement to the media.

As the premier looked confused, Zeman pointed to a microphone with his walking stick.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm really not sure what to speak about," Sobotka said, adding he had come to talk to the president.

Zeman, though, had more to say. In an apparent deliberate act of humiliation, he told Sobotka he was accepting his resignation. He thanked Sobotka for his work and asked the government to remain in place until he appoints a new prime minister.
Czech president 'accepts' PM's unoffered resignation | World |

A short breakdown:

Major events around Czech government crisis | Prague Monitor

The latest:

Hundreds of people gathered in the square outside the Prague Castle, which is the presidential seat, to protest against President Milos Zeman and Finance Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) yesterday.

The protest followed a massive demonstration held in the city's centre on Wednesday, in which roughly 20,000 people took part. Similar protests were held in six other Czech towns yesterday.

The protesters today signed a petition demanding that Babis leave the government. The speakers called on Czech politicians to try to resolve the government crisis.
People protest against Babi?, Zeman outside Prague Castle | Prague Monitor

President Milos Zeman will ask the Constitutional Court whether the president is bound to dismiss a minister under all circumstances if this is proposed by the prime minister, he said today, adding that he is ready to respect the court decision.
Zeman to ask court whether PM's demand binds him to sack minister | Prague Monitor
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