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Rutroh.. Fish Friday Fracas :eek:

Taco Tirade: Man Goes On Rant At Mexican Restaurant
A customer walked into Palapas Tacos in Anaheim on Monday and attempted to order fish tacos. But, as CBS points out, a sign outside the taco joint advertised the special as “Especial de Viernes,” meaning “Friday special” in English.

Security footage captured the customer yelling at the cashier and other waiting customers about the use of Spanish and his confusion over the special offer. "It says it in Mexican. We're not in Mexico. We're in America. Not Spanish," the man said.

According to CBS, the cashier pointed to the sign on the inside of the restaurant that states in English the fish tacos are a Friday special at the advertised price.

lol triggered overly emotional trumpaloompa got so triggered he didn't see the sign that's in english. I hope he stays away from Starbucks.. their menu boards are even more confusing.