Medicare for All.

Apr 2018
New Hampshire
As Baby Boomers we got shuffled into a huge group because returning war veterans came home and started families after an artificial pause of birthrate demography. Some of us who started school in the 1950’s remember class sizes of 40 students to one teacher.

We were lucky because Alexander Fleming and Jonas Salk gifted us clever medications that could eradicate deadly viruses like Small Pox and Polio while fighting bacterial infections that were killing both old and young.

But no one has come up with a cure for old age and so in 1965 Congress enacted Medicare under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act better known as Medicare. Medicare was established because the human frailty of aging is inescapable. In addition Medicare was put into place to provide medical coverage for people with disabilities that met certain criteria under the act.

Medicare has worked well as it was designed but it is under attack from democrats that want to swamp it with millions of healthy, able-bodied citizens. Medicare-for-All, championed by Bernie Sanders, follows the playbook of all socialist plans in that it targets the weakest in society, in this case the elderly who through no fault of their own, just got old.

Picture a pond with fifty fish in it all of the same species. The ecosystem remains in balance because the pond exists in a natural state. Now imagine someone dumping thousands of fish into the pond. What happens to those original fifty fish for which the pond was built? What happens to you when the pond is destroyed through the invasive dumping of interlopers that overrun and exhaust the resources of the environment?

Socialism appears throughout history because its supporters know that unlike Polio or small Pox, there is no cure for stupid. When they get control of the educational systems they spread the stupid of socialism like its new idea because as educators they are paid by socialist policies. They intend to be on the controlling end of socialism while you and I head to the camps of poverty and second class medicine.

Sander’s plan would outlaw all other forms of private health insurance by government edict. It’s the same closet communism we were warned against in those Comparative Government classes in the 1960’s before the National Education Association go its hands on educators.

You don’t need to be stupid just because you are old.

Medicare for All: A Disaster | The American Spectator | Politics is too important to be taken seriously.
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Apr 2018
New Hampshire
Bullshit. Right wing rag automatically hates any kind of improvement to healthcare coverage, period.
The (period) is important here. "If you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance; if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. (period). Remember?
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Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
The (period) is important here. "If you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance; if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. (period). Remember?
And? The policies that were scrapped were the policies that were rip offs that didn't actually give you health coverage. They didn't cover the 10 essential benefits. The ones Trump tried to bring back, healthcare's equivalent to Trump University.
Affordable Care Act's 10 Essential Health Benefits

Republicans hated Medicare and tried to block it, they hated social security and tried to block it, they hated the ACA and tried to block it, they hate Medicare for all and will try to block it. Fuck Republicans...
Sep 2013
On a hill
"A recent study from Milliman showed that the average American physician spends $99,000 per year just dealing with insurance companies. That’s money that must be made up, and it eventually comes back to you and your employer in higher premiums.


Intuitively, one automatically assumes the costs of such a pipe-dream solution would be prohibitive, but the counterintuitive facts say the opposite: Single-payer, improved Medicare for All would cost less than the current, wasteful system. Twenty-eight independent economic analyses have come to the same conclusion: Medicare for All would reduce what our nation spends on health care.

Most of the studies predict dramatic savings — at a minimum, enough to eliminate the need for co-pays and deductibles, while adding coverage for dentistry, eyeglasses and hearing aids, and giving us access to virtually every doctor. Even a Koch-brothers-funded study a few months ago concluded that Medicare for All would save the nation trillions of dollars over 10 years."

Medicare for All is an improved free-market solution