Meet the woman who said the First Lady was wearing F--k M- pumps to Houston


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Nov 2014
Yeah right, a Vanity Fair writer is an example of the typical American liberal.
Pretty much, have you read the OP ED section of Vanity Fair.

Yes, your not knowing Vanity Fair is a Left wing leaning magazine is exposing someone's Idiocy
Apr 2017
that's chicken soup compared to the things that were said about Michelle Obama.
But no, two wrongs don't make a right.

You'll note that I objected in the other thread on this topic.

back back
pat pat.
Yeah, but seriously ...

Props for realising it was pretty low of the Vanity Fair writer, though.
Jul 2014
Border Fence
She wore them leaving the White House...Still I feel sorry for Melania...She is a trophy wife bought and paid for by a nasty arrogant man...Probably hates being with him but stays for the boy
I noticed that when flotus was touring texas with DT...that no males addressed her directly.

I found that totally different than the way they engaged MObama. Its like the men did not take her seriously.

I guess when the most flattering thing one can say about you is to comment on your looks that speaks volumes on how you are seen.
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