Meet Trump's new, homophobic public health quack

Sep 2012
Trump's homophobia showing...again.

Meet Trump's new, homophobic public health quack
The extraordinarily disruptive turnover in the Trump administration’s senior staff has officially reached the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The White House, having already cycled through one CDC director, has named its second: Robert Redfield, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and former University of Maryland opioids and AIDS researcher.

He is exactly the wrong person for the job. Amid an exploding influenza epidemic across the United States, an opioids crisis that has decreased the statistical life expectancy of Americans, and a budget crisis that twice compelled closure of critical laboratory and disease-fighting services, the CDC desperately needs a leader who can promise stability and expertise. Redfield represents the opposite; he is someone whose track record in HIV research and public health policy has been a scientific and moral failure.

The White House, in all likelihood, has carefully scrutinized Redfield’s financial history, especially after it was criticized for failing to adequately vet Trump’s first CDC director, Brenda Fitzgerald, who was forced to resign in January after revelations of multiple conflicts of interest involving stocks and other investments. But Redfield has failed to pass political vetting before — just not for economic reasons. In 2002, President George W. Bush considered but rejected Redfield for the top CDC job because his work on AIDS was deemed excessively controversial. Redfield’s record remains disqualifying today.

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Dec 2015
In Your Heart!
Just the type of person we don't need. Just the person Trump wants and picks. Ironic isn't it.
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Jan 2016
Republicans have been waging a War on Science for the past several decades, since the time of Reagan, but Trump has escalated the War to the thermonuclear level. Censorship at the EPA, quacks at the CDC, Rick Perry the 'Oops' guy at the Energy Department, wants NASA to stop studying the planet Earth, wants to slash funding for renewable energy research, and what can any sane person say other than GOD HELP US ALL.

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