Megyn Kelly’s NBC Worries Compounded by Ratings Plunge

May 2012
By the wall
I knew she was in trouble but I had no idea it was this bad.

The fallout from Megyn Kelly’s controversial upcoming NBC interview with Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones shows no sign of ending.

But Kelly has other worries. The ratings for the second show of Sunday Night with Megan Kelly are out and Kelly’s show lost half its audience from the premiere episode, in which she sat down with Vladimir Putin.

Kelly’s new show, following her high-profile move from Fox News, *was supposed to rival CBS’s 60 Minutes. But Sunday Night in week two*enjoyed only half the audience of 60 Minutes,*with Kelly’s viewers numbering 3.6 million compared with 7.9 million for CBS last Sunday.

That was a fall of 42% compared with Kelly’s debut episode sit-down with Putin. In week two, she interviewed sports reporter Erin Andrews. They talked about the man who filmed Andrews nude through a hotel peephole, as well as Andrews’ battle with cervical cancer.

Kelly had 800,000 viewers in the 25- to 54-year-old demo, compared to 1.2 million for 60 Minutes.

It’s hard to see how the kids will be turned on by the prospect of seeing her talk with Alex Jones.
Feb 2017
World wide and soon a town near you
Hopefully she'll be fired....Another useless Fox News Bimbo masquerading as a Journalist