Mexico Will Pay For the Wall

Jan 2016
1. Bullshit ! He inherited a lousy, tanking economy, SINKING from 2.3% to 1.8% GDP, and built it back up into the 3s and 4s %s.

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2. He is not destabilizing it. What you see as instability, is simply the normal strains of an economy being repaired from decades of negligence (giving the world unrestricted access to our market). Would you have expected it would be 100% smooth ? When you have a bad tooth, you go to the dentist, and you may have some discomfort, but afterwards you're glad you went.

3. Our foreign policy is quite good. North & South Korea are having friendly talks with each other. North Korean prisoners are being returned, and NK nuclear policy is at least in conversation mode. China's economic domination of the US is over. Sanctions are in place against Russia, Iran, and North Korea, and a far better relationship exists with Israel, than was the case with Obama. ISIS is contained to a much smaller degree than the Obama years, and Mexico and other Latin American countries are finally getting the scolding they deserve.

4. Obama was the fool that nobody in the world respected. His weakness and bowing has been replaced with strength.
White House Sees Boom, But Economists See Blip
Jun 2018
Boy are you a dumb shit. You don't understand the BASIC lesson of Microeconomics 101, which is this: SOME firms have NO control over their price, and other firms DO. The firms that have NO control over their price, we call perfectly competitive firms. The firms that DO have some control over their price, which we say have some MARKET POWER, are either monopolies, or oligopolies, or monopolistically competitive firms, or some other type of market structure.

It's like you don't even understand the DIFFERENCE between a monopoly and a firm in perfect competition. Yikes.

You're flunking Economics 101 so badly that you're getting an F MINUS.
Of course I understand it. How old are you ? And there's more to it than what you just said, and I've written about it many times for over 10 years. Some firms get away with raising prices depending on the type of product and how necessity they are. When people have to have something they're more willing to stretch their budget to get it.

Examples of this are gasoline, housing, and food products. Even with these, consumers can cut back, and cause sales reductions. When gas goes too high, drivers drive less often and shorter distances, get tune-ups, buy smaller and/or electric cars.

Food is an interesting one. When minimum wages are threatened to go up, businesses, banking on public ignorance, threaten to raise prices. But businesses have a positive factor from the minimum wage hike too. More disposable income in the community around them means more sales. Here's where the necessity guys are at a disadvantage.

As for your illustrious economists, I might present a better reference. Try the very impressive US GDP growths of the late 70s when the MW was increased every year, as well as the similar impressive ones during the mid 90s, when the MW was also increased. Proof in the pudding is always better than a few well paid "economists" (or is it mouthpieces ?)

Sure, some (relatively few) companies might have lesser gains and some possibly even experience losses (typically the oil companies, gas stations, and supermarkets I mentioned). I would hope some hardship clause could be written in the MW law for these companies, if a loss could be deemed significant.

When a MW hike from $4/hour to $6/hour (a whopping 50% increase), was proposed in Florida in the early 90s, by then state Sen. Jack Gordon, it was not opposed by 99% of Florida businesses. Only ones that opposed it were supermarkets. Can you guess why only THEM ?

PS - at this point, all the personal attacks ("dumb shit", "stupid", "idiot", etc) won't matter because you've already inflicted so much psychological injury with all these added up, that a few more wouldn't change much. Under Florida's abuse of elderly felony, 825.102 (each count 5 years imprisonment), you've probably already racked up enough counts to add up to 100 years.
I wouldn't push it though, because even though I just laugh you off, you never know who else in here could be inclined to turn you in to Florida law enforcement. Protection of senior citizens is big here in Florida. :D

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He has come thru on most of his promises. 2 Appointments to the Supreme Court was a big one

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People had to fucking die ir retire in order for that to happen. How could the Twit have NOT nominated SOMEONE ?
History will judje whether these two SC justices were as conservative as some people, including The Twitter twit, HOPED they would be.
Nov 2008
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People had to fucking die ir retire in order for that to happen. How could the Twit have NOT nominated SOMEONE ?
History will judje whether these two SC justices were as conservative as some people, including The Twitter twit, HOPED they would be.
He chose Justices that doesn’t think the Constitution is a living breathing document that can be changed at will. Big difference from the Democrat viewpoint

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Oct 2011
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That would be a violation of the NAFTA treaty. It would also be a violation of the USMCA treaty that Trump just signed with Mexico and Canada (that has not yet been ratified by the U.S. Senate).

So, you're saying that Trump would JUNK the treaty that he JUST negotiated with Mexico and Canada?!??
They really don't think things through. Maybe I should just say they don't think. Yes, that's it'
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