MIAMI Herald reporter who broke Epstein story drop's bombshell, 'journalists WORLDWIDE are covering his recruitment now'

Jul 2015
I know this made me raise my head up and look at the TV. She said this a few hours ago but didn't see a story pop up so assumed it was just me who thought, OH SHIT, that's gonna be huge. Every reporter on the planet will have Epstein's plane's 'REGISTRATION number' memorized as they start are scouring FLIGHT records around the world. I'm sure they will be able to narrow down. I'll bet my next breath Epstein "had a type" and a region.

Florida reporter drops new bombshell on Epstein while blasting resigning Acosta

3 mins ago on
July 12, 2019
By Tom Boggioni

Following the abrupt resignation of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta on Friday morning after being dogged by accusations of giving a sweetheart deal to accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, MSNBC was able to get the Miami Herald reporter whose dogged pursuit of the truth led to the arrest on Epstein again on the phone.
Speaking with host Stephanie Ruhle, the Herald’s Julie K. Brown said she was surprised — but not that surprised.

“I’m surprised it happened this fast,” Brown conceded, before adding, “But, you know, that press conference that he gave the other day didn’t do him any good. Practically everything that he said at that conference was either inaccurate or twisted in some ways to benefit him; to make him look good. In reality, there is nothing here that makes him look good. He dropped the ball on this case.

She then added, ‘We had been preparing to do a fact-check story tomorrow that would essentially use documents to show everything he said was not true.” Brown then dropped some new news about Epstein, telling the MSNBC host...

I know for a fact there’s journalists all over the world covering this story now — he [Epstein] had been recruiting in other countries.

I’m sure there will be more information coming out not only about his operation, but there were a lot of employees and other people, big people who, if they weren’t involved in the operation, they knew about the operation.”...


Oct 2018
Somewhere they can't find me.
Very interesting story in the NYT about Epstein's "rehabilitation" plan after he got out of jail.

Some of it was incredibly amateurish, but a large part of it was planting phony stories, mostly about his charitable contributions, in various publications and manufacturing "fake news" (fancy that?).

He once bribed a freelance writer (to the hefty tune of $600) to submit a prewritten article under his byline that was subsequently published in Forbes.

Jeffrey Epstein Was a Sex Offender. The Powerful Welcomed Him Anyway.
May 2019
this whole story gives me the creeps. Trump is saying he was "never a fan" of Epstein. Which generally means we're about to find out just how close they really were.
Trump Once Called Jeffrey Epstein a 'Terrific' Guy — What to Know About Their Connection
July 08, 2019 03:00 PM


The case brings renewed scrutiny to Epstein’s apparent friendship with Trump, who spoke highly of the financier to New York magazine in 2002.

“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with,” Trump said. “It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” .....

Jan 2007
Epstein better have a secure jail cell. A lot of people likely want him out of circulation.