Michelle Obama derangement syndrome.

the watchman

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Jul 2011
becoming more and more
It's quite simple. MO is very popular. The right knows that she's an asset to President Obama in retaining the White House for an additional four years. So the right must vilify her at every turn to neutralize her appeal. This according an interview segment with Mellisa Harris Perry, of the Nation, on the Ed Show (( guest hosted by Michael Eric Dyson yesterday)). Sounds about right. Dr. Dyson seems to have coined the phrase Michelle Obama derangement syndrome to explain it. msnbc.com Video Player


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Feb 2007
She is treated more like a celebrity with a fall line than a respectable leader herself, which she is. And with celebrity comes the TMZ nut rage where the base is people who are only interested in being famous. I never really understand the craze people have with the contents of their television/internet.