Michelle Obama on White Flight

Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
She is one of the most disgusting race baiting POS in this Country.

One of the most wealthy and successful Black Americans in this Great Nation ....

The first Frist Lady in the History of America .....

You think she would want to help other Black Americans achieve similiar success ...

But, hell no .....

Race Bait, victimize, divide ........

So disgusting.
Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
It would seen that they, the Obamas, fit the description of those that she's bitching about.

But, they are rich, so there's that...
They are hypocrites and they are not interested in helping minorities become successful.

They are only interested, like ALL Leftist, in exploiting them for political and financial gain.
Oct 2019
International Falls, Minnesota
Astounding that you (and everyone above you in this thread) think that Black people shouldn't move to white neighborhoods.

Think on that for a minute.
You're missing the point. In the article, she's whining about white people moving out when black people moved in. She's calling white people racist for moving out of the neighborhood when she herself moved out and into a white neighborhood.