Michigan GOP Goes After Voter-Passed Measures Expanding Access To Ballot

Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
On November 6, Michiganders overwhelmingly voted to expand access to the ballot in their state and put an end to partisan gerrymandering of districts. But that’s not stopping Republicans in the legislature from targeting those citizen-approved measures before Democrats take control of key statewide offices on January 1.
As the Detroit Free Press reported, GOP lawmakers are proposing over a dozen measures in the lame duck session to lock in their policy priorities and undermine provisions approved by Michigan voters just weeks ago.
A set of bills sponsored by state Senate Majority Floor Leader Mike Kowall would fundamentally alter the Promote the Vote ballot proposal allowing same-day voter registration up to and including Election Day. Instead, that deadline would be pushed back to up to 14 days before the election. A provision in that ballot measure allowing for automatic voting registration (AVR) would also be altered to allow people to opt-out.
Michigan voters passed the original Promote the Vote proposal by 67 to 33 percent.
Other measures up for consideration—a number of which were approved via ballot measure—include watering down legislation related to recreational marijuana legalization, paid sick leave, and raising the minimum wage.
Michigan GOP Goes After Voter-Passed Measures Expanding Access To Ballot

Wisconsin’s GOP-controlled legislature is taking similarly drastic steps in the lame duck session, targeting early voting and trying to limit the authority of incoming Democratic leaders.
Like Frum says, conservatives will give up Democracy before they give up Conservatism.
Jun 2014
United States
An informed, engaged and empowered electorate is the worst nightmare for Republican politicians.

Of course, the Democrats were just as bad -- about 100 years ago.
Mar 2012
New Hampshire
WIll they be able to get away with this? Whats the makeup of the legislature next year? Cant they overturn it?

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