Migrant crime in Germany covered up to uphold prejudice against German citizens

Feb 2019
Hamilton On. Ca
To assure citizens are least prepared to deal with violent hate crimes against Germans committed by ungrateful migrants and as the citizens are kept in the dark, Merkel invites more threats into the country. Oblivious walking bulls eyes for migrant violence. This is what happens when you have tyrannical garbage in office along with citizens being muzzled to promote this extremely sick form of tyranny / treason against the citizens of Germany. Citizens lives deliberately placed in danger while citizens silenced and fake stream media ignorant towards raising awareness to a very real threat to the lives and well being of German citizens. Merkel belongs behind bars for a very long time.

Germany: Migrant Crime Covered Up to 'Avoid Stirring Up Prejudice'


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David Jeffrey Spetch
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Hamilton Ontario Canada