Milo Learns About Natural Consequences

Sep 2012
That's the surname Individual One's Hispanic housekeeper chose for him if he is IO's illegitimate son.
If his father is Irish and Greek and his maternal grandmother is Jewish, where's the Hispanic? The most he could be is 1/4 Hispanic, unless his Jewish gran was also Hispanic...but what was his maternal grandfather?

Born as Milo Hanrahan,[Yiannopoulos was born and raised in Kent, England.[ His father, Nicolas Hanrahan, is of half-Greek and half-Irish descent. Yiannopoulos claims his father wanted to divorce his mother while she was pregnant with him; however, his parents remained together for six more years before divorcing. He described his biological father as "terrifying", remarking at one point, "I would think, if my dad is just a doorman, why do we have such a nice house? Then I saw it on The Sopranos". His biological father moved after the divorce to St Ives, Cornwall, where he settled with his new Jamaican wife.

Milo Yiannopoulos


Jan 2015
Left coast
Milo Yiannopoulos - Greek
I was replying to the post jokingly stating that Individual One's illegitimate child was found. There have been a rash of tweets suggesting the doorman at his tower says he fathered a kid with one of his Hispanic housemaids. It's post #7. I can't get the multiquote to work.

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