Misgendering kids and preventing transitioning can constitute child abuse, B.C. Supreme Court rules

Apr 2015
lol No, that's not happening... No fucking way...

In the OP case, wasn't just the kid, but the mother and a bunch of doctors and such specialists apparently weighing in on the decision in kid's favor...
I think it should be primarily the child's, but a 14 year isn't mature enough to make that decision, even if the parents support it.
Jan 2007
British Columbia is my ex-home province in Canada. I know a bit about the system there, though, not that much. From what I do understand, they often go to extremes there, as far as authorities inserting themselves inside families to "protect" kids... Kid so much as telling a teacher at school her parent smacked her at home or something can result in call to the proper agency, investigation, them showing up at your home, etc. I know a guy who told me once his daughter, at 13, pretty much threatened him and his wife with that shit lol
THat's nothing to brag about. Your courts are a mess. Did the 13 year old learn that in school? Bye Bye the state owns you now.
Nov 2010
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