MN GOP Candidate Drops Bid After Daughter Accuses Him of Molestation

Jul 2017
Because you don't give legitimacy to false accusations, you let the false accusations burn themselves out as irrelevant distractions.

Otherwise, you don't know who the Dahmers are in your analogy. Hint: look to people who hang statues of Dahmers posed corpses as art.
You dodged the question with a word salad? lol.
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Dec 2006
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Well, they've been your government for at least 50 years. Trump is the last best chance to stop it... As imperfect as he is.

No, the Ford woman is a counterattack, a false accusation to stop the swamp from draining... It's too late for that. When you are talking about the abuse scandals, I doubt you really want to know just how pervasive the problems are.
Trump is the WORST of the swamp critters. But you already know that, right??
Aug 2018
Yeah. That about says it all.

If you admit to it, you’re weak and “letting down the team”. If you deny it till the day you die and turn it around and ruthlessly, visciously attack the victim - that’s “leadership”.

This guy hasn’t been paying attention. This is 2018 buddy. He should have immediately called his daughter a leftist. A tool of the socialist cabal trying to overthrow him to turn America communist.

Then he could have kept his job and lived out his life a wealthy powerful man.

She’d have been utterly destroyed, of course, but hey. She picked the fight.

But he pussied out and quit.

Lesson for the rest of us men I guess.