Mnuchin Tells Democrats to Just “Trust” Trump on Russia

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Jul 2011
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Why does Donald Trump treat Russia with the sort of slobbering canine deference typically reserved for the special relationship between a golden retriever and its master? This is the question that many have asked over the last two years, as the president of the United States has leaked confidential information about classified intelligence to Russian envoys; undermined his own U.N. ambassador by telling the Kremlin not to worry about any punishment she promised would be meted out for heinous acts; begged for Russia to be allowed back in the G7 after it was kicked out for invading another European country; and literally sided with Vladimir Putin over U.S. intelligence agencies on the matter of election meddling. This pattern of servile behavior—which comes in stark contrast to the treatment actual U.S. allies receive—has led some people to wonder if the president is somehow compromised, whether financially or in some other fashion. It’s the sort of speculation one might think the administration would want to dispel.
Mnuchin Tells Democrats to Just “Trust” Trump on Russia

he really said that? Talk about bad timing. But, of course, that's what anyone that supports this president gets. They end up looking like complete imbeciles. Now, with the news of the day, they might find themselves in the cross-hairs of Mueller. One thing is for sure in these uncertain times. It's a great time to be a lawyer working in DC right now.