Moody's Credit Ratings Agency Downgrades 12 UK Banks And Building Societies


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Dec 2006
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Moody's Credit Ratings Agency Downgrades 12 UK Banks And Building Societies

The global banking market collapse is well under way.

I have been frustrated with the Federal Reserve blatant manipulation of the stock market this week. These stupid fuckers want to give this appearance all is fine. You have people on the streets in this country, this is soon going to lead to riots and a clamp down. This day has been coming for a long fucking time. It should have begun a couple of years ago, but the liars and game players twist reality, and people fell for it. Those days are over, the blatant hubris of this criminal organization has reached a point to where people just don't listen any more. This week in the markets should show everyone their lies.

They claim 100 thousand jobs were created. Another lie. Lets try some truth for a moment, over 50,000 jobs were lost, because we have 150,000 people leaving the job market every month, that when that number is not replaced you have loss. Now some argue that we lose 250,000 a month, I don't know, I just know my numbers are conservative.

They will use any excuse to put a cherry on a pile of shit.

The economy has been contracting for a long time, and last quarter was murder in the market, so their answer is to give you a good week.

That week is coming to an end, I don't even want to think how much the feds pumped into the markets, but know this, no one voted for this, it became law under Reagan. it is called The Presidential Plunge Protection Act(something like that) it has been nicknamed the The Plunge Protection Team or PPT. Now their job was to avert a black Monday, but like everything these criminals do, they over do. It is the most abused power they have.

They do not want you to worry your pretty little heads over the banking collapse. They will keep your ass in the dark until it is to late, and then you can't do shit about it.

I have been predicting for a few months that Oct was the month all shit hits the fan. You stupid government with their group Anonymous claim Anonymous will erase the stock market. It will be their fault. I mean good fucking grief can't anyone see through the lies?

The protesters plan a run on the banks, I say good, but they should know this. BOA will not let you withdraw funds in protest. It was tried in LA and the cops would not allow the patrons to enter the bank. We call that theft.

I say get your money out now.

Even the fucktards at the IMF are saying a global banking collapse is upon us.

Stop believing the government or you will be empty handed.

BBC Does It Again: "In The Absence Of A Credible Plan We Will Have A Global Financial Meltdown In Two To Three Weeks" - IMF Advisor

Oh BTW giving Obama 500 billion right now...especially after we gave him 2 trillion is plain fucking stupid.