More on the mix of politics, ideologies, religion and more with changes of heart.....

Jun 2013
Not long ago I posted about a guy named Rob Schenck who was an obsessive anti-abortionist, anti-homosexual and right winged "religious" advocate who came to a change of heart and his discussion about what led him to that change of heart.

Here are the stories of others and their changes of heart and thoughts about hatred and bigotry, why they think we hate, how and why they turned away from it.

People who engaged their brains and their humanity, to move beyond ignorance and hatred.

Why We Hate

Christian Picciolini: How Do You Unlearn Hatred?

Sally Kohn: What Is The Opposite Of Hate?

Dylan Marron: Why Should We Speak With People Who Hate Us?

Anand Giridharadas: Do Hateful People Deserve Forgiveness?

Some may find it inspiration to change. Others may find it a reminder of why hate and bigotry eat one up, from the inside out and are good things to stay away from.

Anyone of us could have been born as any person we might hate.