More than 500,000 in California are already without power

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Cutting the power completely in areas that have a high risk of falling power lines during the upcoming heavy winds.
Controversial, inconvenient, but it makes sense to me.
I guess. Its why a lot up here in northern New England still have old outhouses. You often cant use toilets without electricity as many septic installations have electric parts and pumps.
May 2016
The California governor is standing behind the decision to cut power in the state. There is already an effort to have him removed from office and this power cut could make him unpopular enough to actually be removed.
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Apr 2015
Bullshit, decades ago they didn't have to shut down power grids. They didn't have anywhere near the amount and destructiveness of wild fires. They still had glaciers and snow melt, all their underground aquifers were not drained and not being refilled. Get your head out of the fossil fuel companies ass and see the world as it is, not as they are telling you it is. Objective reality is not kryptonite for the soul, as much as you fear it so.

The climate of California hasn't changed, the population has quadrupled in the last 80 years to 40 million. It was a semi-arid desert then as well. California still has snowfall, glaciers, and snow melt. The difference is development from the exploding population, the climate is the same.

California needs a few million more illegal immigrants, that will help everything.
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Jul 2014
So a million people in California will be using fossil fuel powered generations which are inefficient and terribly polluting.
Yeah, that's quite a game plan, isn't it?

Welcome to California where we have electricity some of the time.

Kinda like the Socialist Utopia of Venezuela...
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Nov 2015
Or refrigerate or do anything else. There is a big push in California to outlaw all gas appliances, Berkley has already did it. At least with natural gas you still have some options.
So how do you get your appliances and heating to work during a blackout if you have everything electric? I would love me to go all electric but one Christmas, the electric went off due to local floods but our Xmas turkey dinner was ready due to the gas oven and hob.