More than 500,000 in California are already without power

Jan 2019
Jul 2014
Everybody agreed to shut down power to prevent fires, all they can do now is gripe and try and get a generator, but it has to be California compliant for air quality standards.
Big Box retailers like Home Depot will be shipping them in by the truck load.

Happens out here when there are big, long lasting power outages due to tornados or snow/ice events.

We may run out of them out here in the middle of the country...


Apr 2015
We were scheduled to go dark at midnight.

I went outside to watch the world go dark.

At 12:15, I went back inside to turn on the lights.

Very relieved.

And yes, California's climate has changed over the past fifty years.

No matter what some 'bot might keep parroting.

Really, what changes to the climate of California have occurred in the past 80 years as the population quadrupled to 30 million?
Jul 2014
No worries.

The power may be back on this time next week per CNN.

Then when the next windy forecast comes in, they get to do it all over again...

Wonder how many people are gonna die as a direct result?

Welcome to Venezuela...OOPS, I mean welcome to California!
Jun 2014
United States
Or refrigerate or do anything else. There is a big push in California to outlaw all gas appliances, Berkley has already did it. At least with natural gas you still have some options.

That's factually inaccurate. Berkeley has merely mandated that newly constructed buildings not include natural gas utilities. As for your contention that there's a "big push" statewide to "outlaw all gas appliances", you'll need to provide a citation from a reputable source if you don't want that assertion to be considered just another unfounded conspiracy theory.
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Mar 2012
New Hampshire
So then, your contention is that there is no wildfire threat?

Sounds pretty tinfoil-hatty to me.
No but there has always been wildfires due to the Santa Ana winds. But I dont remember the utility companies turning off the power.