Mosque in Christchurch shootings tied to radical Islamic terrorists

Oct 2018
Somewhere they can't find me.
I dont think Islam is very peaceful religion though, just like nazism isnt. Surely there are peaceful nazies and muslims but if you read what their holy books you get the big picture. I dont have a problem with muslims though.

Nazism has a holy book?
Jun 2007
The left cares nothing about that. No political gain for them, and it is always politics that is number one for the left.
Bullshit. Republicans wont even touch big city politics. If they were so damned concerned and had all the answers, they would have gone in and cleaned it up. They don't have the balls.
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Oct 2014
Which had nothing to do with the subject under discussion, that is, whether Nazism is a religion, which it clearly isn't. Think before you post in future.
It did relate to what was quoted...

However, you didn't really form an argument here.

You gave me an interesting thread concept. If we, without directly stating, put out the nazi political platform, which group would balk first, left or right.

What I said is fact though, Islam is both a religion and political system in one.
Nov 2018
Islam is an exclusive political religiosocial legal system, or if you like its a pedophilic, homophobic, racist, mysoginist death cult obsessed with war and world domination.

Islam will not tolerate any other legal systen than sharia, any other educational system than its Madrasses and Mosques, any other food system than halal. It will not tolerate free speech, democracy or original thought. It does not hold women any higher than cattle. it is antisemitic in the extreme.

There are over 500 verses in the koran which are plainly racist hate speech . Of those 500, there are 114 that explicitly demand or exhort believers to kill the non believer. It commands believers to strive for the World Caliphate, in which we, the kuffir, are offered only forced conversion, slavery or death.
May 2016
Killing has been going on longer than history. Rwanda, Pol Pot, Islamic conversion in the middle ages even. Question is can it be stopped or will it blow up.
Nov 2018
Killing has been going on longer than history. Rwanda, Pol Pot, Islamic conversion in the middle ages even. Question is can it be stopped or will it blow up.
Islam has been killing people for 1400 years. Its probably killed more humans than any other group.

The islamic Invasion of the Meditteranean lasted 250 years, involved 850 battles and killed or enslaved about 120 million people. The subsequent invasion of the Indian sub continent lasted another 150 years and killed or enslaved about another 50 million. Its quite possible the final total over 1400 years is 1 billion humans killed or enslaved.

Islam is in a class of its own. And they will never stop killing each other or trying to achieve the world caliphate because the koran commands them to.

I suspect it will come down to another world war, Islam vs the free world. Winner takes all.
Nov 2018
Also, islam and nazis are pretty much identicle, in thta they both have all the characteristics of a fascist state,

This is no suprise. In 1942 Hitler went to see the Grand Mufti of Iran, the leader of all the Shi'ites. They admired each other, the Mufti particularly admired Nazism's antisemitism, and told all his followers to join the nazi party. So thousands of moslems flocked to join the 6th army. and ther were all moslem units formed - the 13th Waffen SS Handchars Mountain Division (1st Croatian), the 26th Waffen SS 'Skandesberg' Division (Bosnia) the 21st Waffen SS Division (1st Albanian).......
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