Mr. Spock: conservative or liberal?

Jan 2016
Here is the relevant part of the script:

KIRK: Mission, routine investigation and report as per ship surgeon's medical log. As for my last entry, it seems I will get to meet Doctor Adams at last. However, I would have preferred other circumstances. Sickbay. Report, Doctor.

MCCOY [on monitor]: Van Gelder's still violently agitated, Captain.

KIRK: And you'd prefer to keep him here until I complete my investigation anyway.

SPOCK: I believe we should, Jim.

MCCOY [on monitor]: Oh, I'm assigning your technical aide, Captain. One of our psychiatrists does have a background in rehabilitative therapy. Doctor Noel, standing by in the transporter room now.

KIRK: Thank you, Doctor. Bridge out. Mister Spock.

[Transporter room]

KIRK: Co-ordinates?

BERKELEY: Locked in, sir. Ready to beam down.

NOEL: Doctor Helen Noel, Captain. We've met. Don't you remember the science lab Christmas party?

KIRK: Yes, I remember.

NOEL: You dropped in

KIRK: Yes, yes, I remember.

SPOCK: Problem, Captain?

KIRK: Mister Spock, you tell McCoy that she had better check out as the best assistant I ever had. Energize.

BERKELEY: Energize.
And there is also a later part of the script where this Christmas party is revisited, when Dr. Noel is first testing out the infernal device of Dr. Adams on Captain Kirk......
Jan 2016
Which episode or movie does the second quote come from?
It comes from the second season episode titled 'A Piece of the Action'. Here is part of a plot synopsis (from Wikipedia):

The Federation starship USS Enterprise has been ordered to Sigma Iotia II, where the space vessel Horizon had been reported missing 100 years earlier. The ship receives contact from Bela Oxmyx, an Iotian, who promises information about the Horizon and invites the crew to come to the planet. First Officer Spock notes that their interference in the planet's development could endanger the Prime Directive, but Captain James T. Kirk contends that the Horizon's arrival a century ago, predating the Directive, would have already contaminated the culture. Kirk, Spock, and Chief Medical Officer Dr. McCoy transport to the planet.

They find themselves in a city fashioned after the 1920s period in the United States, and most of the residents appear to be gangsters carrying Tommy guns. The landing party is escorted by Oxmyx's men to his offices, during which they observe a drive-by shooting that kills one of their escorts, but the other continues on as if nothing had happened. They arrive at Oxmyx's office, where Oxmyx orders his men to make a retaliatory attack against their rival gang led by Jojo Krako. Spock discovers an Earth book "Chicago Mobs of the Twenties", and determines it was left by the crew of the Horizon. Oxmyx explains they have modeled Iotian society off "The Book", which Kirk compares to the "cargo cults" of Earth's 20th century. Oxmyx demands the Enterprise crew supply his gang with phasers, and when Kirk refuses, threatens to kill them if Kirk cannot deliver these. The landing party is held in captivity while Oxmyx uses a communicator to reiterate the deal to Chief Engineer Scott.

Kirk is able to trick their guards by horning in on their poker game and teaching them how to play a fictitious game "Fizzbin", allowing him to distract the guards long enough for Spock to overpower them. Spock and McCoy flee to a radio tower to contact the Enterprise and transport back to the ship, while Kirk is captured by Krako's men. Krako demands phasers of Kirk as well, though offers him a "third of the action" in exchange. Kirk attempts to offer a peaceful solution, but Krako refuses and confines him, threatening to kill him later if he does not relent on the deal. Oxmyx contacts the ship and informs them of Kirk's capture, and offers to help rescue Kirk if they would come help. Spock and McCoy return to the planet, but are quickly captured by Oxmyx. However, Kirk has managed to engineer his own escape, and arrives in Oxmyx's office in time to rescue Spock and McCoy.
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We have a lot of newbies. Maybe they have an opinion on this one.


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I say liberal. People sometimes mistake liberal interests as purely altruistic. But I think there's a lot more enlightened self-interest in helping the less fortunate through entitlements. Logical on so many levels.
I agree.

However due to replicators this (Star Trek) society is cashless.

IMO everyone would be more liberal if humans didn't have to fight over resources to survive.

Which was a precursor to distant space travel.

Cool thread.
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I say liberal. People sometimes mistake liberal interests as purely altruistic. But I think there's a lot more enlightened self-interest in helping the less fortunate through entitlements. Logical on so many levels.
Neither since that is a political label and Spock, like all Vulcans, are only about the logic.
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