Muellers report looks bad for Obama

Mar 2019
"US" of A
The deeper the dims dig into this, the worse they look. Talk about circular firing squads.
This will all need to be kept festering and unresolved for as long as it works for the power structure in dividing the power of the people. You know, like the power structure has done with abortion, guns and immigration. Your cooperation and participation is greatly appreciated.
May 2013
N Oregon Coast
Gee, I was completely unaware that Obama -

1. And his people had over 100 meetings with Kremlin operatives during his campaigns and lied about every one of them
2. Asked Russia to hack McCain and Romney's emails
3. Said "I love it" when they told him they had dirt on his opponents
4. Said that he believed Putin over his own DOJ

Obama didn't do enough? Correct -- Nothing?? Total BS
Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats in retaliation for US election hacking